The SAC electronic pulsator system has a built-in control function which ensures that no milker assemblies run simultaneously. This ensures an even consumption of air and a more stable vacuum.

One of the reasons for increased cases of mastitis could be vacuum fluctuations on the milking plant. The electronic pulsator system ensures that these fluctuations are kept at a minimum.

Comparison between pulsators in phase and SAC phase displaced pulsator system:

• The master pulsator system where all milker assemblies work in milking phase or massage phase simultaneously.

• Considerable fluctuations in the consumption of air. Big risk of vacuum fluctuations.

• SAC electronic pulsator with phase displacement, which means that no milker assemblies work simultaneously.

• Even consumption of air. no vacuum fluctions.
The Electronic Puls Low Power consists of a central control unit and 1 pulsator each 2 milker assemblies. The system can be connected to any quantity of milker assemblies required.

The pulsators are mounted directly on the vacuum pipe. The pulsators are constructed to work in any cow-house.

The control can operate with pulsation conditions 50/50 or 60/40 and can be adjusted to any position between 50 and 180 pulsations per minute.

It is very easy to mount and maintain the system.