Convertible to different parlour types
The IDC basic unit and its power supply are built so that they are also basic units in a tie-up stall remover with milk meter. Milk producers, who presently have tie-up stalls but plan to convert to milking parlours in the future, will be able to keep the equipment that has already been acquired. The tie-up stall milker will after milking be able to read the milk quantity that each machine has milked from each cow. When connecting the power supply after milking, the full milk quantity for each machine is transferred to the power supply, where the full milk quantity for all machines is summarized.
Cluster remover
Indicator +/- 5%
Meter +/- 2%
Indicator +/- 5%

Power Supply

computer in parlour
Main computer
The IDC product range consists of:
• IDC 1, which is a very simple "down-sized" milker-assembly remover with pulsator
• IDC 2, which is the basic module in the system – measurement accuracy +/- 5%
• IDC 3, which is an IDC 2 with an additional calculation unit that provides measurement accuracy of +/- 2%
• IDC T, which is an IDC 2 with a fitted battery for tie-up stall operation

SAC's new milking place unit – MDS SACCOMATIC IDC – lives up to SAC's aim of creating a simple and clear work place, where the milker can concentrate on performing a good and consistent milking routine that ensures quality milk from healthy cows. The recipe is simple: - the technology only exists to support the milker's focus on the actual milking. Technology takes a step back and is only noticeable when it is necessary to provide the milker with information that requires immediate action during milking.
Common sense
Externally the IDC presents itself as a well arranged and easily operated product for which the user manual might seem superfluous. Behind the IDC surface there is technology and knowhow that is rooted in the cow's anatomy. This technology makes use of the most recent advances in parametric construction, industrial real-time communication systems, advanced sensor technology, micro processor based prints and not least a good portion of common sense.

Milk flows undisturbed through the machine
It is important for SAC to introduce a product on the market that is sustainable in its basics, concerning material use, energy use, service need and possibility for future extensions. At the same time the MDS SACCOMATIC IDC contains the most up-to-date opportunities for completing quick and gentle milking of the cow, goat or sheep without putting unnecessary strain on the milker. The milk flows undisturbed through the machine and to the cooling tank without deterioration in milk quality.

A safe basis for making decisions
The MDS SACCOMATIC IDC is a milking unit that is fitted to the milking place ensuring milking, removal, data collection and delivery of the necessary information. The milking place unit can be connected to a recently developed management system that continuously collects and treats data from the milking place. With the milking place unit IDC and the management program Saturnus the milker and the operations manager get a fully integrated system that provides a safe basis for making decisions using simple means.

The milking place unit IDC consists of a unit containing the following functions:
1. Pulsator
2. Cascade pulsation
3. Flow-controlled stimulation pulsation
4. Automatic control of correct pulsation in the milker assembly
5. Cluster remover
6. Stop of pulsator with teat liner in open position at removal
7. Blockage of milk vacuum
8. Milk meter (conductivity) at gland level
9. Temperature measurement
10. Handfree start function at knee switch
11. Start function when attaching clusters
12. Graphic display
13. Alarm diode for temperature display and conductivity alarms
14. Large alarm diode for display of faulty milking

IDC: simple with few moving parts
The IDC unit is built very simple and only contains few moving parts, which means that it is simple and easy to service. The module based construction principle, according to which the IDC milking place unit is constructed, ensures extensive flexibility. The product is always extendable, which means that a simple stand alone IDC-system is extendable by cow-identification and management system. Data collected in the IDC is made useful in the management system and data entered in the management system is made useful in the IDC milking place unit.

The milking place is infinitely extendable
If information on cow-calendar dates is wanted in the milking places the system is extendable by a SACCOMATIC keyboard for each milking place or a SACCOMATIC keyboard that covers two milking places. Furthermore, it is possible to connect milking place finger-touch screens to the milking places, which provides full overview of all milking places in one place. An "Alarm cow" will flash on the screen and a click on the cow provides immediate information on the cause for the alarm. The alarm might be caused by heat, separation milk, temperature, conductivity, low yield etc. Then a control of the cow is performed and subsequent cow separation is done. Especially in the external rotaries it is of great value to be able to be updated on cows that are out of sight by one look at the finger-touch computer placed at the rotary's entrance.