With UNICO2 for milking parlours SAC is ahead of developments. Years of experience and product development form the basis of the UNICO2 for milking parlours. The result is a functional and beautifully designed unit.

UNICO2 has a built-in stimulation phase.

UNICO2 has cascade adjustment. This means that there will be a phase displacement between the milking units. In short, the pulsators work in different rhythms. This ensures a stable milking vacuum, regardless of the number of pulsators connected.

In the milking parlour UNICO2 is connected to the external installations.

When the pulsator stops at removal the liners are open, and vacuum for the milking unit is disconnected. electronic pulsator and cluster remover Electronic pulsator and cluster remover for milking parlours
Control panel is secured
against cow house environment.
Pulsator with specially made processor controlled magnet
Indicator housing with indicator for control of cluster removal.
Cabinet is made of an
unbreakable, robust
material. Easy to clean.
LEDs register
the milking process.
Pushbutton with "click
function" for start/stop.
LEDs register
the pulsator functions.
Print plate/control unit
for the complete UNICO.
Stimulation phase: Extra preparation
UNICO2 has built-in stimulation function. The electronics in UNICO2 control the milking according to a fixed sequence. For the first 90 seconds the indicator measures whether the milk flow is over or under 400-600 g/min. For the first 20 seconds the stimupulsation will not start. If, after 20 seconds the milk flow is over 400-600 g/min. the stimupulsation will not begin working at all. But if, after 20 seconds, the milk flow is under 400-600 g/min. the stimupulsation will start and continue until the milk flow exceeds 400-600 g/min. The total stimupulsation time is max. 70 seconds. If UNICO2 has stimupulsated once it will not start the stimupulsation although the milk flow gets under 400-600 g/min. In principle this means that each cow is milked individually. If the cow lets down her milk at once, the stimulation is not activated. However, if the milk is not let down immediately, the stimulation function is activated as an important extra preparation of the cow prior to the milking. During the stimulation phase, the number of pulsations is doubled. This ensures a gentle stimulation of the teat by short quick pressures.
Remover system: Prevents dry milking
The electronic cluster remover of UNICO2 is controlled by a microprocessor. The system ensures that each individual cow has the same removal period at each milking. At the start of the milking there is an initial delay time of 90 seconds, during which the remover cannot be activated. If the cow has not let down her milk within this space of time, the cluster will automatically be removed after 12 seconds. When the milk flow is over 230 g/ min. the sensing unit of the indicator will make an electronic connection. As long as the connection is activated the milking will continue. When the milk flow is under 230 g/min. the chamber is emptied and the connection to the sensor is cut off, the cluster remover is activated and removal will take place after 15-20 seconds. UNICO2 has built-in reset time - see diagram. This means that if the milk flow exceeds 230g/ min. within the removal period, the time of removal will stop, go back to zero and start over again. The removal itself is carried out as gently as possible. The equalization of the vacuum is taking place slowly by means of the air from the air admission hole in the claw. No sudden air admission will occur. This system protects both the udder and the quality of the milk.

Stopping with liners in open position
When the remover has registered, that it's time to take off, the removal procedure starts. When reaching the removal time both pulsator valves are placed in a position where the liners are open. Hereafter the removal valve changes, so that milk vacuum is cut off, milk vacuum is equalized and the removal cylinder removes the cluster.