Cluster which considers the cow, the milk and the operator
The claw in the UNIFLOW 3 cluster is a brand new design. The outlet branch - 16 mm diameter - is now an integrated part of the claw. This ensures a light and fast flow of milk out of the claw - to the benefit of the quality. UNIFLOW 3 ensures an easy attachment - also when the cluster is attached between the hind legs (e.g. in a Side-by-Side and a 60° milking parlour).
New unique claw
Perfect milking - for the
cow and the milker
Weight of cluster is 1360 g
(without the long hoses)
Claw with steel underpart
Claw with plastic underpart
For the milker:
• Cluster is easy and handy.
• Weight is 1360 g (20% reduction in weight).
• Fits the hand perfectly.
• Fine balance.
• Ideal vacuum conditions ensure a stable vacuum with small variations.

The low weight and the new design mean an easier handling and a great relief to the operator's arms and shoulders. The low weight of the cluster makes it possible to reduce the vacuum. Alternatively, the cluster is available with underpart of stainless steel.

For the cow:
• The down-ward weight is lighter.
• Lower milking vacuum is possible.
• Small vacuum variations.

This contributes to ideal and optimum milking.
Vacuum fluctuations during milking by use of ordinary cluster with smaller dimensions of short milk hose and lower volume in claw
Vacuum fluctuations in UNIFLOW 3 cluster
For the milk:
The dimensions of the cluster ensures good milk quality. The wide inlet into the cluster, the large capacity and the wide outlet ensure an even and gentle milkflow through the cluster. This means a very low formation of foam - low acid degree - better quality of milk.